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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a captivating life simulation experience released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. As the latest installment in the cherished Animal Crossing franchise, this game invites players into a charming world where they assume the role of a character embarking on a unique adventure. The journey begins with the character purchasing a package for a fresh start on an uninhabited island, courtesy of the entrepreneurial raccoon, Tom Nook. This game stands out for its blend of task completion, item collection, and community building, all at the player’s own pace.

Crafting and Community Building

Upon arrival, players receive basic necessities and are free to explore the island’s potential. The essence of Animal Crossing: New Horizons lies in its open-ended gameplay, allowing for extensive customization and creativity. Players can collect resources like wood and fruit to craft items, furniture, and tools, thanks to the D.I.Y. crafting system. The island becomes a canvas for imagination, where every tree planted, item placed, and building constructed contributes to its transformation from a deserted island to a bustling village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

Engaging and Evolving Gameplay

The game progresses in real-time, with the in-game environment changing to reflect the player’s actual location, including weather and seasonal variations. This dynamic adds a layer of immersion, with certain flora and fauna appearing only at specific times. Players earn Nook Miles for tasks completed, which can be exchanged for premium items and experiences, including trips to other islands. The currency system of Bells allows for further purchases and upgrades. Notably, the game introduces players to Dodo Airlines, enabling visits to new locales and encounters with potential new villagers.

Social Interactions and Expansion

Starting with two animal neighbors, the player’s actions pave the way for the island’s development. Relationships can be nurtured with these and other characters, enriching the island life experience. As the island grows, it attracts other vendors and specialists like Blathers, the museum curator; the Able Sisters, who deal in clothing; and the Nooklings, who run Nook’s Cranny. The game evolves from a simple settlement to a thriving community, eventually unlocking terraforming options for even greater customization.

Multiplayer and Additional Features

Animal Crossing: New Horizons supports a single island per Nintendo Switch console but offers rich multiplayer options, including local and online co-op play. Up to eight players can share the island experience simultaneously online, fostering a sense of community and shared adventure. The game also integrates amiibo compatibility, allowing players to invite other characters to their island. A significant update introduced Nintendo Switch Online cloud saving, ensuring players can safeguard their progress.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more than just a game; it’s a living, breathing world that grows with the player. Its simple yet profound gameplay mechanics, combined with the ability to shape the island community, make it an enduringly popular title in Nintendo’s lineup. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer looking for a peaceful escape, New Horizons offers an enchanting, immersive world waiting to be discovered.

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