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Owned by 4A Games, Metro franchise is a superb survival horror series, the initial two of which got re-mastered for the latest consoles featuring in Metro Redux. Currently, the third entry is on its way in Metro Exodus form. Taking the series in open-world, Exodus is already developing into something special.
Founded on the favourite novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus comes as the third segment in a series with Metro 2033 that began back in 2010. Rather than being limited to brief pockets and dank subway tunnels of Moscow ruins, the players will now enjoy a broader range of locations to discover. 4A has confirmed that Metro Exodus will come in Xbox One, PC and PS4 in 2018. The video game will be playable on Xbox One X in 4K as well.


Metro Exodus refers to a first-person shooter game that spans across straight, claustrophobic surroundings and wide-open places to discover as indicated by the latest reveal trailer. As you explore the post-apocalyptic Federation of Russia, you must ensure that you are prepared and well-equipped for any form of radioactive terrors. Just like other ancient games, you will need to wear a gas mask while you’re outside. You should swap your filters to ensure you get a fresh supply of air. If a foe attacks you, the cracks in your foresight will act as a reminder of your impending fate. For dark locations, you have a lighter or a torch in hand. You can use them to avoid potential dangers and navigate obstacles. Concerning environments, Metro Exodus is more ambitious when compared to its predecessors. When playing as Artyom, you will unite with Spartan Rangers as you venture to the Far East. The hero will find himself journeying to the snow-white Ural Mountains from Volga River.
Metro Exodus will highlight a dynamic weather system and night/day cycle, all set to enjoy the maximum advantage of Xbox One X by Microsoft. You can develop items and weapons utilising a multi-layered crafting system created to assist you in surviving. However, you will have to do some scavenging to complete all your missions.

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