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Black Ops Cold War is the latest version developed by Treyarch, Raven Software, and published by Activision. It is a first-person shooting series game and emulates the real black ops operating behind the lines to perform a rescue mission. The different gaming modes give other challenges making it the most challenging operation to perform.

Call of duty campaigns offer players a series of hours of exclusive fun with beautifully created aesthetics. It has different modes, which include multiplayer, zombie mode, and campaign mode.
The black-ops cold war story starts from an old school bar, probably in the 80s. You are in the company of Russell Adler, who is your CIA ally, although there is no trust between the two of you. Control of operations is from a safe house in Berlin.

The game setup is a hunt for Perseus, a soviet spy, who managed to get through the Manhattan project. The operation codename given to the mission was Perseus, similar to the name. The task becomes unraveling for CIA conspiracy type yarn.


Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode features recurring game modes and maps both 6*6 format and 12v12 combat. It also has a mode named ‘fireteam’ that can accommodate up to 40 players. The create a class mode returns and this time has a wild card choice out of the four possible ones.

The gunfighter, which allows for eight primary weapon attachments, danger close that gives you double grenade equipment, perk greed allows for two perks from each perk type, and the lawbreaker allowing mixing of any weapons perks in any slot.


The multiplayer takes place in 1983, which is two years after the Perseus attack. Perseus emerges again from hiding, planning to re-attack the western countries. The NATO and the Warsaw Pact are considered as Global elite operators engage each other through different operations.


The game Call of duty: black ops cold war resembles real events in the 1980s. It gets inspiration from the activities in east Berlin, Turkey, Vietnam, and the Soviet KGB headquarters.
Black ops cold war gives you a chance to customize the way you look. You can choose your gender between male, female, or non-binary. When you opt for non-binary, the use of the terms ‘they’ and ‘them’ refer to you in any dialogue.

One can choose between different skin color tones and ethnic backgrounds. One can select other personality traits, depending on the type of perks you choose. The ending is different depending on the player’s choice while playing the campaign.


In 1981, Russell Adler, Frank Woods, and Alex Mason took on a mission to search for two Iran hostage crisis participants named Qasim Javadi and Arash Kadivar. The team gets knowledge from an interrogation performed on Qasim, enabling them to track Kadivar up to turkey. Arash claims that Perseus was responsible for the hostage crisis before his execution.

After the president learns about Perseus’s threat to the United States’ security, he orders for an immediate black operation, searching for Perseus. During their investigation, they discover that Perseus had infiltrated a U.S secret mission of planting bombs in each European nation. They decide to enter the KGB headquarters to acquire the agents’ list and cross paths with Lev Kravchenko and Dan Donohue.

The team also learns that one of the sleeper agents, a scientist in the Greenlight operation, managed to escape to Cuba and suspect that Perseus was with him. They plan a raid and discover that Perseus has detonating codes for each bomb planted in the Greenlight operation. He was planning to cause a disaster and blame the United States.

Zombie Mode

The zombie mode is a new feature known as Dark Aether originating from the Aether story. In this mode, players do not take the roles of predetermined characters. One picks up functions from the multiplayer characters and their roles in the CIA response team codenamed Requiem.

Players can use different weapons similar to the multiplayer version. They share the same load outs with multiplayer. One can use any weapon at the start alongside gunsmith, scorestreaks, and field upgrades. Players can choose to exfil the map, which puts players in a problematic wave and needs to survive before escaping.


The mode relies on the Tag der Toten’s happenings, a sacrifice of two groups known as Primis and Ultimis. A CIA ally Gigori Weaver gets information from Samantha Maxis about a secret KGB intelligence. He learns that a Spanish research team known as omega group investigates a facility codenamed project ‘Endstation’ where a zombie pandemic occurred.