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Madden NFL 19 is an upcoming video game from EA. It is based on the American Football sports specifically National Football League. The game is published by EA sports, the developer is EA Tiburon and director is Mike Young. The game’s producer is Carlos Gerrero. The mode will be both single player and multiplayer. It will be released on three platforms which will be mentioned later.

Release date and details

Madden NFL 19 will be released on August 10 2018. It will be released on several platforms like Xbox One, Play station 4 and Microsoft Windows. The players can access the game on any of those. However, the Windows release will be the first for the series ever since Madden NFL 08 in 2007.

Cover Athlete

An announcement was made on May 2018 that Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Owens will be the cover of the “Hall of Fame” edition of the game. He is featured in a Dallas Cowboys uniform which seemed to be an idea questioned by a number of people because Owens was drafted and played for San Francisco 49ers.


Madden NFL 19 is quite an interesting game to play with great design and a lot of new touch ups. The game features “real player motions” and other well designed playtimes. It enables the player to push blockers hence gaining more yards as they run. They can also make very realistic cuts up-fields after the catch. It is an interesting game because a player can be part of the touchdown celebrations. This happens to be the first time to happen since Madden NFL 09. The celebrations were legalised for the 2018 season by NFL. A sequel to Longshot, will be featured by the game which is Madden NFL 18’s single-player story-driven mode. It has a wider focus on football gameplay and other NFL related activities or events. There was also a major change which was introducing three versus three online matchups. It also introduced a “Solo Battles” game board and a reward system which is leader board-driven which measures a player’s daily performance in the single player mode.