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SnowRunner is an off-the-road video game that allows you to be in the driving seat of very powerful vehicles. Saber Interactive uniquely designed the video game. On August 2 2018, SnowRunner was launched as MudRunner, but later on, Saber Interactive and Focus Home renamed it to SnowRunner. So, get ready to conquer wild and extreme environments with advanced landscapes. Here’s an overview of the game!

How to Play

Expect maddening hurdles on the way. Remember that you’ll be dealing with wild mud and snow stretches. With this, you may get stuck halfway, or quarterway up the mountainous regions and your wheels will continue churning in the slop. But, somehow, you’ll always manage to haul the off-roader from the sludge. There are many features to salvage you from the struggles, including the sheer pig-headedness. They’ll allow you to jostle yourself free.

The Feel

The SnowRunner experience will make you feel annoyed and hopeless. You’ll be at the verge of cursing and rage quitting, especially when your truck is wedged against an icy path or a rock. SnowRunner features at least fifteen sandbox locations. Drive around 40 cars from renowned brands like Freightliner, Ford, and Chevrolet. With the advanced engines of the cars, it is possible to face the extreme environments and still emerge a victor! So, be prepared for the next-gen off-road exciting experience!


By April 28, 2020, SnowRunner was available on PS4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store.

About the Game

The game boasts special features that you do not want to miss. These include:

a. Driving in the Open Worlds

Explore the open worlds with ultimate freedom. Get a feel of the wild and discover challenging contracts, new locations and thrilling missions. Here’s a chance to leave marks in the untamed lands.

b. Challenges as you Drive

Carrying heavy loads and payloads make it even more daunting to overcome the snow roads, mud, and torrential waters. Though the rewards are huge, the frozen lakes and roads make your journey very challenging. We won’t forget to mention the unstable rocks, slippery roads, traversing waters and worst of all, snowy environment, all aimed at making your journey difficult.

c. Drive your Fleet

You can customize and expand your fleet to make it flexible in the changeling rods. The multiple upgrade options like buying intake snorkels, adjusting the vehicle’s height, and attaching chains to your vehicle’s tires will ensure you get ready to beat the hurdles of the muddy road. The vehicles also have add-ons, attachments, and multiple upgrades. You only need to pick what best fits your forth-coming task and continue with your ride.

d. Drive Together

You’ll choose whether to ride with upto 4 players or go solo. The community mods will enrich your multiplayer drive experience. On the other hand, the ability to customize your fleet will enrich your solo driving. Either way, you’re covered!

e. Crystal-clear Cockpit Views

All the vehicles are well-equipped with detailed cockpits that offer unique views. This, in turn, lets you have an immersive driving experience in the wild. You’ll see obstacles from a far and see your way through.

f. Improved Tutorial

SnowRunner gaming needn’t be so difficult. Unlike other video games, this unique game comes with new tutorial guides that will guide you through the steps needed to understand the interface and game mechanics. This improved tutorial is the best place to start your MudRunner experience.

g. Improved User Interface

SnowRunner’s UI is completely overhauled to give you a real-life experience. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy the improved visuals that guarantee you of a detailed foliage, lightning, water, mud, and more. Just what you need for a smooth gaming experience.

All the best in your SnowRunner gaming experience!

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