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Developed by Cold Iron Studio in conjunction with Disney’s 20th Century, Aliens Fireteam Elite is a highly interactive game that you’ll love. The game is a squad-based shooter similar to Rainbow Six or SWAT 4. In it, you are in charge of a four-person fireteam and must complete various objectives in multiplayer or single-player missions. You can also utilise your team’s A.I. to carry out orders you may not have time for during the heat of battle.

Features of Aliens Fireteam Elite

The game will feature various weapons from both the Alien and Colonial Marines’ arsenals, including pulse rifles and shotguns, among other features that you will enjoy in the upcoming game.

• A Beautiful Game of Hunting: As a player, you get a shot at playing a significant role in the events that happen 23 years after the original alien trilogy and Colonial Marines situated at the USS Endeavour. You will be fighting Xenomorphic threats.
• Perfect Visuals: The game has beautiful and interactive visuals and designs with iconic enemies and realistic environments. The weapons in the play are powerful and include futuristic equipment to bring you a more thrilling experience.
• Surviving the Hive: The game has over 20 types of enemies that you will face, including over 11 Xenomorphic threats. Every threat has a different level of intelligence to ambush and outsmart your marines.
• Customising Your Fireteam: The game allows you to select from five major classes; Gunners, Demolishers, Technicians, Recon, and Doc. Each has its particular abilities and character advantages that you can use to beat your threats. Players get thrilling, heart-pounding, and exciting survival shooter games.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Gameplay

In the game, you will start by receiving a mysterious distress call that will reroute your Marine Assault Unit to LV-895 in the outside colonies. You will encounter deadly and horrendous Xenomorphic legions, hidden corporate secrets, and ancient aliens that wait for your arrival. You need to be prepared to fight them to emerge the winner.