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Bigfoot is a game that was developed in the year 2016 by CyberLight. This game was officially released on 30th January 2017. It is a survival game based on finding Bigfoot. It is a competitive adventurous, survival horror game where you play as multiple players. This online video game which has been greatly designed using animation effects. Playing finding Big Foot game is easy and fun. This is because Bigfoot is an adventure based game. To win the game you must find and trap Bigfoot. A user is given six bullets which they must use wisely to track Bigfoot. To trap Bigfoot, you set a trap, put some meat in it and disguise with some leaves to make it as unnoticeable as possible. You should not camp inside your camp as Bigfoot will mostly find you and the game will be over. Players should constantly consider getting guns and supplies. When Bigfoot runs towards you should hit once and run away. If your teammate is hurt, you can heal them by tapping on the medic’s kit. In the game, you find four dead tourists and you recognize them by sounds of flies when you come near them. If Bigfoot goes into your trap, he roars. Tress may fall randomly just to scare players. Bigfoot is normally out in both daytime and nighttime. Bigfoot only hunts at nighttime. Players are provided with six pieces of meat in the fridge as the game starts. In the progress of the game, you can kill deer in the forest and this also becomes pieces of meat (one for each deer you kill) that Bigfoot can feed on.

Review of the Bigfoot game

This is a game where you have to complete several given tasks for you to move from one level to the next one. It is one of the most exciting video games played online. It has both an early access and a full access version. Since its release, Bigfoot game has undergone multiple improvements and bug-fixing. It is a game you play and you never forget the experience.