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UFC 5 revolutionizes damage depiction with visceral precision and true-to-sport accuracy. Boasting over 64,000 facial damage combinations, coupled with new fluid physics and dynamic blood and sweat particle systems, the game transforms a fighter’s appearance throughout each intense match. The Real Impact System’s Authentic Damage feature adds depth, simulating compromised vision from cuts and hindered mobility from low calf injuries.

Strategic Depth and MMA Realism

Step into the legendary Octagon® in UFC 5, where players encounter heightened strategic depth and an authentic mixed-martial-arts (MMA) experience. The game raises the bar for combat sports titles, offering a realistic and engaging UFC encounter that surpasses all previous versions.

Acclaimed Features and Realism

UFC SVP of Global Consumer Products, Tracey Bleczinski, commends UFC 5’s advanced features, emphasizing EA’s commitment to elevating every aspect of the game. The goal is to deliver a fun and entertaining experience with unparalleled realism, setting a new standard for combat sports games.

Cutting-Edge Gameplay

Nate McDonald, Lead Producer of UFC 5, underscores the revolutionary gameplay powered by Frostbite and the Real Impact System. Combining these innovations with Cinematic K.O. Replay, Seamless Submissions, and a real-world powered Fight Week experience, UFC 5 stands as the pinnacle of realism in combat sports gaming.

Loaded with Features

UFC 5 boasts a plethora of features, including Cinematic K.O. Replay, offering intense fight-ending finishes with true-to-sport visuals. Seamless Submissions introduce a new grappling mechanic for smoother gameplay, while Fight Week and Fight Picks immerse players in the ongoing narrative of real-life UFC events.

Online Career Mode

Online Career Mode introduces skill-based matchmaking, division progression, and title chases across four divisions. Players can showcase multiple character customizations and Vanity Items by competing with a different Created Fighter in each division.

Doctor’s Checks and Stoppages

Experience authentic strategic challenges with Doctor’s Checks and Stoppages. A significant injury may lead to a referee-ordered doctor’s review, adding pressure as players strive to shield against potential stoppages.

New Strikes and Hit Reactions

UFC 5 introduces new strike animations inspired by professional heavy hitters and kickboxers. From varied ground-and-pound elbows to spinning moves and calf kicks, the game’s hit reactions and impact physics enhance player immersion.

Unveiling Alter Egos

Explore Alter Egos, showcasing fresh versions of top fighters, complete with pivotal career moments, unique appearances, and related skills. UFC 5 brings a new dimension to character customization and gameplay variety.

Genre: Sports Simulation

Immerse yourself in the world of mixed martial arts with EA SPORTS UFC 5, a sports simulation game that redefines the gaming experience with unprecedented realism and innovative features.