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Ice hockey enthusiasts, rejoice! NHL 24 breathes new life into the franchise, shaking off the stagnation that plagued its predecessors. With meaningful innovations and bone-crushing body checks, this installment promises a revitalized on-ice experience.

Sustained Pressure System: A Game-Changer

Ditching the monotony, NHL 24 introduces the Sustained Pressure system, injecting excitement into offensive plays. As teams linger in the attacking zone, a pressure gauge builds, granting boosts to passing accuracy and speed. While favoring offense, strategic play is key, offering a fresh dynamic to pivotal moments.

Exhaust Engine: Unleashing Intensity

The new Exhaust Engine adds urgency to gameplay, emphasizing the weight of sustained pressure. While favoring the offensive team, a delicate balance is struck, requiring strategic timing to exploit the temporary advantages. An impactful mechanic, yet one that warrants further refinement for defensive parity.

Contact-Based Physics: Crunchy Realism

In a subtle but impactful shift, the contact-based physics system amplifies the weight and momentum of body checks. Charging checks adds risk and reward, demanding thoughtful playstyles. A minor change that significantly alters the dynamic of each bone-crunching collision.

Vision Passing: Ambitious Multitasking

The introduction of Vision Passing aims to enhance control but proves challenging in practice. Multitasking becomes a nightmare, hindering moment-to-moment gameplay. While a commendable idea, the execution leaves room for improvement, as visual clutter and confusion persist.

HUT Moments: Reliving Hockey History

A beacon of novelty, HUT Moments introduces a refreshing mode, allowing players to relive iconic hockey plays. With over 50 Moments at launch, this mode offers interactive glimpses into hockey history, providing purpose and engagement beyond routine gameplay.

Be a Pro: Stagnation in Career Mode

Disappointingly, Be a Pro remains stagnant, lacking the cinematic depth seen in other sports games. Cutscenes with stiff animations and absence of voice acting contribute to an outdated feel. A missed opportunity to enhance the single-player experience.

World of Chel: Battle Pass Backlash

In a departure from loot boxes, NHL 24 introduces a battle pass to World of Chel. However, the premium battle pass falls short, offering lackluster rewards and unimpressive incentives. While progression is more predictable, the season’s rewards leave much to be desired.

Verdict: Promising Yet Imperfect

NHL 24 showcases promise with the introduction of innovative features like the Exhaust Engine and HUT Moments. However, lingering issues with balance, uninspired rewards, and the shift to a battle pass system may leave fans yearning for a more comprehensive overhaul. A step in the right direction, but refinement is needed for a triumphant return to glory.