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Niche – A Genetics Survival is a unique strategy game that brings together turn-based strategy elements with a wildlife simulator; it was developed and published by Stray Fawn Studio with the help of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign.

A Game That Allows You to Create New Animals!

The core concept of this game is best described as “population genetics”, since its game-play revolves around breeding animals and evolving new species based on real-world genetic selection. Your main goal in this game is to develop a tribe of unique animals and create the right environment to help them survive and (hopefully) thrive. To achieve this goal, you will have to keep an eye out for predators, find ways to keep your creatures healthy and take action to protect them from erratic atmospheric conditions, among many other everyday tasks.

You Are In Charge of Deciding the Course of Evolution

One of the most interesting and attractive elements in this game is how you are consistently given many unexpected challenges to deal with, as well as many possible solutions to tackle those challenges. For example, you can try to focus on breeding aggressive animals that will be able to defend from attackers, or out can try to make them poisonous or otherwise encourage your creatures to develop sophisticated camouflage to best stay hidden.

By focusing on breeding animals with different qualities and capabilities, you can find creative ways to overcome environmental challenges; all of this while looking to spread your animal tribe throughout the island where the game unfolds. Given the game’s surprisingly minimalist interface, you can manage a surprising variety of options and subtleties related to the animal and plant life in Niche – a genetics survival game. Anyone who enjoys playing strategy games should appreciate this title, especially players who have a fascination for unique and colorful creatures.

Unlimited Fun Through a Unique “Crafting System”

This is a very entertaining title with incredible potential, since through its “crafting system” you can develop hundreds of different creatures that can be combined to create yet new types of animals and keep interacting with the environments in new and creative ways. The islands that serve as habitat to your virtual animals are procedurally generated, meaning you can effectively keep playing this game for a long time without it ever becoming repetitive.