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Resident Evil Village is a survivor horror video game created and produced Capcom, one of the best Japanese video developers. It is the 8th game in the Resident Series and a direct offshoot of Resident Evil 7. As a single-player game, the gamer has to fight his or her battles to wade off obstacles.

Game Flow

The game begins a few years after the untimely ending of Resident Evil 7. The main character, Ethan Winters, living in a distant habitation with his wife. It was a way of shaking off their troubled past. However, misfortunes start to rain in, which forces Ethan to wear his combat hat to fend off any aggressions. The game features classified scenes with graphical and strong languages not suited for younger persons.

Primarily, the game lets us into a world of adventure where the main actor seeks to gather reasons for some unusual occurrences. In this case, Ethan Winters labours to find the reason for Chris Redfield’s sudden change in attitude. As a gamer, you must survive obstacles and objections. All these take place in an undisclosed location in Europe.

Characteristics of the Resident Evil Village

The game offers continuity as it is an offshoot of the previous Resident Evil games. You find familiar faces on set such as Chris Redfield who has appeared in nearly all Resident Evil games.

Plot twist offers new experiences which makes the game interesting and adventurous. Besides Chris Redfield, new characters within the village constitute part of the new opposition Ethan has to handle. He now has to fight off internal and external influences to win the war.

First-person action approach requires the gamer to fully participate in the game. He or she has to direct Ethan Winters steps and actions, and help him wade off any adversaries. The battles are close while witnessing the horrific events.

The plot is interesting and can easily fool you into believing it is a safe haven. Contrary to the preceding game, the village is somewhat cool and approachable. However, it is a breeding ground for many of the horrific scenes witnessed thereafter. Such plots are part of the game as it demystifies experiences and enriches the storyline.

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