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Stray is an adventure puzzle game published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by a small team from the South of France made of a handful of humans and cats, BlueTwelve Studio. It’s about a cat that finds himself in a neon-lit dystopian city inhabited by robots and contains secrets. The cat wants to find his way back to his family.

The goal of the player

The player (who plays the cat) will see the world through the eyes of a cat. In other words, the main character will enjoy interacting with the environment in playful ways and be silly, nimble and stealthy.

The player must solve puzzles to progress the narrative, including traversing platforms and moving obstacles.

The game’s enemies

Along the cat’s way, he meets a drone known as B12 who helps him use and store items found throughout the city. The newfound friend will also help the player translate the robot language and help him find an escape from the unwelcoming city. There is also plenty of interactions the main character (ha) can encounter thanks to B12’s language translations.

Apart from using B12 to defend himself, the other left option is to shake the enemies off when they pounce or run.

One of the game’s enemies is called Zurks. Zurks has a creepy, hugger-looking face and will constantly attack the player in vicious swarms. Put simply, the player will roam surroundings high and low, solve several mysteries of the strange world inhabited by dangerous creatures and droids, and defend against unforeseen threats.