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Tales of Vesperia-Definitive Edition will commemorate the RPG’s 10th anniversary using new characters that are fully playable, locations, and events among other content that has never been released out of the Japanese market. This Japanese role-playing video game has been designed by Namco Bandai Studio. The video game’s setting features a world that relies on mysterious traditional technology, Blastia.

The plot revolves around Yuri Lowell, a former knight who mischievously plots to control or destroy civilisation using these magical powers.
The character is working on an assignment to recover a stolen Blastia Core that was used to control the water supply in his neighbourhood. Soon, the rather simple mission develops into a myriad of events which lead Yuri into making new friends, visiting exotic locations, and finally finds himself entangled in an evil plan that poses to destroy the entire planet. The Definitive Edition will be released internationally for play station 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows through Steam, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

New characters

Tales of Vesperia-The Definitive Edition has an advanced screen resolution, new events, characters and other added content that will for the first time be introduced to markets out of Japan. The edition features two additional party members who are playable. Firstly, there is Patty Fleur, a young pirate girl who is both cheerful and tough looking to find adventure and treasure. Besides, the young girl seeks to retrace forgotten memories. There is also Flynn Scifo, an Imperial Knight who is Yuri’s best friend.

Other unique features of the sequel

Besides the two new players, Tales of Vesperia- Definitive Edition features new costumes and scenarios that have never been introduced to the broader international market. The new video game gives players robust capabilities which are not available in its earlier series including real-time combat system, mastery of special attacks using special weapons, combat in extensive battlegrounds, and enemy elimination through a single hit using timed-button finishing kicks. Each battle has its unique mission and objectives which adds on to a player’s encounter experience. A player can also execute finishing moves using their collected material to design their character’s distinct equipment.