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Four years on from the early access release, The Forest’s long awaited move to a full release has arrived. Developed by Endnight Games, The Forest is an open-world first-person survival horror game in which players control a survivor of a plane crash on a heavily forested peninsula, inhabited by a cannibalistic tribe of mutants.

In The Beginning

At the outset of the game, immediately after the plane crashes, the player’s son is kidnapped by a cannibal tribesman and the player must then search the vast surrounding forest whilst manufacturing tools, weapons and defences from the materials found around them. From traps, bows, axes and other tools to great walls, elevated platforms and log cabins, the building opportunities and possibilities are vast and plentiful.

Survive and Search

In order to survive, the player must create protection from the mutants which roam the remote, forested peninsula. However, they must also be mindful of the need for food and water, hunting and gathering as they explore the expansive world of The Forest in search of their son. The day to night cycle adds an extra element of challenge and realism to the experience.

It pushes the player to ensure adequate defences are established in time to fend off aggressive mutants during the night, whilst balancing their need for exploration and construction during the day. The player will unearth clues throughout the forest during their exploration, but to greatly further their understanding of the area, the player must travel below ground, into a vast cave system deep beneath the forest. Inhabited by mutant creatures, these caves hide all sorts of horrors, but potential answers await within their darkness, too.

Ultimately, although The Forest has no set missions to follow, in order for the player to satisfy their burning curiosity over what happened to their son, they must venture deeper into The Forest, into the caves, and into fear.