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The Scroll of Taiwu is a game based on wuxia tales and Chinese mythology. It is an indie game that was developed and published by ConchShip Games. The player has to play as a Taiwu successor in a universe which is fictional; the main aim being defeating some of your enemies using several generational sacrifices and efforts ensuring that the human’s fate is changed.


The scroll of Taiwu is closely related to the King of Dragon Pass or Crusader King style. This game has a Wuxia theme which is more of a martial arts fiction. The game is similar to the following films Kung Fu Hustle, Crouching Tiger and Master of the Flying Guillotine. It is has a similar theme to Legend of Condor Heroes which is a very famous novel. Here you are trying to build martial arts over several generations to save the universe.

This game was released on 21st of September since then it has been doing very well. It is rising real fast and is among the bestseller games globally due to its many positive reviews. Currently the game is in Chinese at the moment. The Scroll of Taiwu is pretty neat and you would probably want to get it instantly.

Within the first week the developers made an announcement that the game had already sold more than 300,000 copies. Since the release of this game, the developers have promised some changes and, additional features that are amazing. Among the promised features, the most awaited is an English language translation.


The Scroll of Taiwu has an interesting storyline that appears to be of the same rivalry, where there is one character who has the ability to retain powers through reincarnation while there is another character who has greater and darker power. The latter tries to convert and dominate the former, and in this process, the world gets destroyed as everyone gets transformed into a demon. The main aim of this game is to defeat the villain and save the universe. The Scroll of Taiwu guarantees you thrilling gaming experience.