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If you fancy a war game that you can play in 2021, look no further than Tribes of Midgard. In this game, you have to defend your village against attacks from enemies such as giants and deadly spirits. While defending your village, you also have to explore the Midgard region fighting off your adversaries. Apart from conquering your enemies, you also have to collect resources and treasures your way. This game challenges you to work as a team since it is a multiplayer game. It is currently available on the Windows, PS4 and PS5 platforms. Let’s explore its features below.


Single-player and multiplayer mode- you can choose to battle your enemies by yourself or co-operate with your friends. The maximum number of players you can collaborate with is nine.

Exploration- this game allows you to discover various stages such as dungeons or ancient ruins. Each time you visit a place, a map appears on your screen to guide your movements.

Periodical updates- to keep you hooked, except additional updates like new stories, locations and places.

Game modes- the game has two modes, saga and survival mode. In saga mode, you complete a series of quests until you meet the final boss called Fenrir the Wolf. In survival mode, you will face a continuous flow of enemies to battle. You have to kill off as many rivals as you can.

Building- here is where your creativity will be tested. As a unit, you will build bridges to traverse regions where your enemies are as well as build walls to protect yourself from attacks.


This is the kind of game your teacher would even recommend since it boosts your creativity. If you thus need to open up your mind, then this is the game to purchase.