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War of Rights is a multiplayer game that was set during the old days of the American civil war. This was during the Maryland Campaign of September in 1862. Campfire games is dedicated to presenting the gaming world with some of the most glorious and gruesome elements of this period, as they still maintain a high level of historical accuracy and remain realistic. The main elements of this game include:

• Chain of Command-there are generals who issue orders and the classes that are subsequent to them who obey the orders or rebel
• Command troops-these play as the general and they command the army in real time when they want to secure victory
• Historically accurate environment-there are some maps that have regional-specific elements that were there during the historical battle
• Huge battles-you can fight in the large bloody battles that have multiple players at the same time
• Game modes-there are different game modes that can be used to play this game like Single-player and Skirmishes

If you would like to play a Civil War game, then the War of Rights is the perfect choice for you. This game has been made up from the ground and it looks so modern but it still possesses the elements of the historical times and they appear so real. Campfire games has done an excellent job in producing a game that will capture the hearts and minds of players who love Civil war games by making their dreams come into reality.