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Wartales is an open-world RPG game where you as a player lead a group of fighters in exploring wealth in a medieval universe. The developer of the game is Shiro games while the publisher of the game is Shiro Unlimited.

The setting of the game

The world has witnessed over 100 years since the fall of the great Edoran Empire. It fell upon the unprecedented plague that left the whole nation dead.

The fall of the great Edoran Empire led to uncertainty and disruption of everyday activities. It is accompanied by developments of bandits, mercenaries, and insecurity.


There is no longer any honor across the land. In the game, the player leads a group of mercenaries across the land in search of accumulating wealth.

Players explore through the land and discover various corners as they seek prosperity and recognition in their wealth accumulation.

There are villages, abandoned mines, deserted camps, and a host of land as you unravel the history of the world.

The revelers of such activities rely on you to quench their thirst for riches in massive open-world combat. Such combat defines your day-to-day life and what you must do to survive.

Players must thrive in tactical-based combat as they deal with various adversities. These include wild animals and dangerous bandits.

Tactics in exploring, development and prosperity

As the leader of the group, players are responsible for the recruitment of new members. New members must have unique specializations and skills to assist in survival and conquer.

You are to save inhabitants of the land and collaborate with the good-natured ones while seeking to collect bounties from your captives.

Players can develop their teams with an RPG progression and crafting system. You can also add weapons and tools and improve combat efficiency.


Players must survive and thrive in the chaos of the harsh and hostile world.