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Prepare for a thrilling journey as Blizzard introduces the eagerly anticipated expansion, “World of Warcraft: The War Within.” This latest addition marks the inception of the WoW: Worldsoul Saga trilogy, with subsequent chapters titled “Midnight” and “The Last Titan.”

Subterranean Realms Beckon

Delve deep beneath the surface of Azeroth in The War Within, where new zones unveil mysteries and challenges. Khaz Algar, the Earthen’s ancestral home, hosts Dornogal, a bustling capital city that becomes the central hub for players. Explore the unique landscapes of the Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, Hallowfall, and the mysterious Azj-Kahet, each with its own vibrant or ominous features.

Unveiling Dornogal

Dornogal, the bustling capital city of Khaz Algar, emerges as the heart of The War Within. The city is the gateway to the four distinctive zones, offering a visually stunning and surprisingly cheerful subterranean landscape—except for the enigmatic Azj-Kahet, shrouded in darkness and void.

Unearth New Adventures

Embark on an exciting array of endgame activities with the introduction of delves in The War Within. These solo or group challenges stand apart from dungeons and raids, allowing players to explore without feeling bound to weekly obligations. Bring along an NPC companion, adaptable to various specializations, and face new difficulty levels, conquer formidable bosses, and solve intricate puzzles for enticing loot.

Alliance and Horde Unite

For Horde players with a penchant for dwarven prowess, a unique opportunity awaits. Choose your faction when adopting the new allied race, the Earthen. This race, available for most classes, excluding Druid, Demon Hunter, and Evoker, unlocks seamlessly through The War Within campaign progression.

Revolutionary Warbands

Share your achievements and progression selectively across characters with the introduction of Warbands. A significant leap forward, this feature includes benefits such as expanded bank access, renown and reputation sharing, shared flight paths, achievements, and transmogrification options.

Empower Your Hero

Experience a revamped leveling journey with an increased cap of 80, offering each class a wider array of talents. Choose between two distinct focuses for your class, such as strengthening Treants or enhancing Lunar abilities, providing a more personalized and strategic approach.

Dynamic Dragonriding

The captivating experience of dragonriding, now termed “dynamic flying,” extends beyond the Dragon Isles. No longer constrained by the need for Dragon Glyphs, this feature allows the use of a broader selection of mounts, including your cherished collection, and even applies to older continents.

Key Details at a Glance

  • Level Cap: 80
  • New Zones: Four subterranean landscapes
  • Delves: Engaging solo or group endgame activities
  • New Allied Race: Embrace the Earthen
  • Warbands: Achievements and progression shared with chosen alts
  • Hero Talents: Navigate your class’s unique path
  • Dragonriding Stays: Expanded to most mounts with default abilities